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Magazine representing Ukraine in Asia


Our mission is to represent Ukrainian achievements in IT, manufacturing, technology, and science through the potential of this media. We targeted Asian markets particularly Korea and Japan. We are building media teleport between East and West.


Japan as a technology and innovation leader and the country, which is heading in research and development (R&D), can help our community to drive better tech & science outcomes around the world.


MP3 player, touch screen mobile phone, retina display, just to name a few of inventions made in Korea. Partnering with Korea we'll get not only investments and customers, but we also provide leadership positions for Ukrainian scientists and developers.


Imagineers magazine,
special edition #1

We are providing effective assistance and comprehensive support for Ukrainian IT companies, start-ups, business owners, and entrepreneurs to enhance and strengthen your trade and economic relations with Asian partners. We strive to multiply your successful integrations on the new markets using the potential of the magazine and our community.

In this 1st special edition, we want to join forces promoting Ukrainian achievement in tech & science to Japanese and Korean markets.

Imagineers is your representative in Asia.

Imagineers is a project that helps you to enter Korean & Japanese markets. Our main goal is to guide you to the new environment with new potential and opportunities, where you can find prospective clients and investors.

Project Milestones

About Imagineers

イマジニアーズ /imajiniāzu/ in Japanese, 이미지니어즈 /imijinieojeu/ in Korean and English abbreviation 'IMGNRS' (which is a short form of 'Imagineers') is a fusion of two keywords 'imagine' + 'engineers'.

Imagineers is the #1 membership community for English-speaking professionals, business owners, start-ups, entrepreneurs and industry experts interested in Japanese and Korean markets.

We are joint pros of Japanese & Korean markets having strong relationships with local and international business communities, providing GR support and such services as cross-border M&A, Joint Ventures, Business Alliances, Licensing, Investing, Outsourcing, R&D Openings.

Imagineers project will be a part of the international development strategy of AKAI Media Lab.

The new website is currently under development and will be online in Q1, 2020.


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